Hillary Jayne Graphic, Logo & Brand Identity Designer in Sydney


Hello, I’m Hillary Jayne. I’m a freelance art director and graphic designer in Barcelona, Spain.

I’ve been working in the creative industry for ten years as a graphic designer, art director and photo editor. With a strong background in magazine publishing and branding I am an expert at multi-tasking and balancing the creative and production requirements of any design-based project. I know print design inside-out: from concept to development to finished artwork, prepress, production and print.

These days I run a successful integrated creative studio, blended-creative.com.au , and also freelance in and around Sydney for creative agencies, small design studios and publishing houses.

Great design is not fine art, it’s commercially driven visual communication. If you want to work with a designer that understands this, and isn’t driven by artistic sensibilities, you need to work with me.

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Heathrow Traveller Magazine Show project details »

Magazine design & layout, picture research, creating and commissioning illustrations, art directing photo shoots, prepress, and colour correction.

The magazine for the world’s busiest international airport. Accompanied by stunning photography, Heathrow Traveller Magazine profiles important destinations for the coming season; guides to major business destinations and quirky round-ups (from the best spas in the Gulf to the most exclusive golf courses in the Far East). The magazine also brings a wealth of useful information about the activities of the airport – new services to make passengers travel experience even better, behind the scenes interviews with airport staff and fantastic deals on airport shopping.

150,000 print, 300,000 digital
4 issues per year
Information desks, arrivals and transfer zones in all Heathrow terminals, digital to Worldpoints members.

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