Hillary Jayne Graphic, Logo & Brand Identity Designer in Sydney


Hello, I’m Hillary Jayne. I’m a freelance art director and graphic designer in Barcelona, Spain.

I’ve been working in the creative industry for ten years as a graphic designer, art director and photo editor. With a strong background in magazine publishing and branding I am an expert at multi-tasking and balancing the creative and production requirements of any design-based project. I know print design inside-out: from concept to development to finished artwork, prepress, production and print.

These days I run a successful integrated creative studio, blended-creative.com.au , and also freelance in and around Sydney for creative agencies, small design studios and publishing houses.

Great design is not fine art, it’s commercially driven visual communication. If you want to work with a designer that understands this, and isn’t driven by artistic sensibilities, you need to work with me.

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Get Fit Sydney Show project details »

Logo, brand identity, print collateral

Get Fit Sydney PTY LTD is a new small business servicing the health and fitness industry in the Inner West of Sydney. I was contracted by Get Fit to develop a logo, brand identity, uniform, and stationery suite that reflected the brand’s mission statement: Personal Training for Fitness, Health & Wellbeing.

As well as bootcamp style outdoor training, and personal one-on-one fitness training in homes and gyms around the Inner West, the service plans to expand to include advice and guidance in nutrition, meditation and other natural alternative approaches in promoting better wellbeing. The brief called for a clean, professional approach and visual appeal that would connect with potential clients, male and female, from all walks of life, with one common goal, to make positive changes for improved physical and mental strength.

These three core areas of fitness, health and wellbeing are represented as individual entities through an uplifting, fresh colour palette and as a united graphic device suggestive of a harmonious, holistic approach to better health.